FAQ (frequently asked questions)

What is a hentai game?

A hentai game is a form of porn game inspired by the world of manga. Most of the games propose explicit sexual scenes, more or less daring. Hentai games can be visual novels, dating simulators, role playing games or any other type of game with sexual content.

Are hentai games free?

Most hentai games are free-to-play. You can play them for free, but it is possible to invest and pay for the game to enjoy benefits and progress faster.

Can we play hentai games on mobile and PC?

Yes, you can play hentai games on mobile (Android or iOS), computer (Windows or Mac) and even on tablet. For more comfort and to enjoy the graphics, it is recommended to play on PC, but everyone does as he wants.

What are the best hentai games?

If you are looking for the best hentai games of the moment, you are in the right place. Go to the homepage of the site to discover our top of the best hentai games.