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Real sexual outlets, Hentai games combine exceptional illustrations and soft and trashy sexual scenes. They lead players to take part in fabulous adventures in the company of beautiful sexy women. They plunge you into a world of sexual practices from the healthiest to the most vicious. Want to try one of these manga porn games? Here are the essentials of what you need to know before jumping into the adventure.

What is a Hentai game?

Before explaining what a Hentai game is, it is important to define the word Hentai which originated in Japan. By etymology, the term comes from the Japanese kanji. It is composed of “hen” which means change or strange and “tai” which means appearance or condition. Colloquially, the word Hentai is used to mean “kinky” or “weird”. In these usages, it is seen as an abbreviation of the word “hentai seiyoku” which literally means ” sexual perversion “.

A Hentai is therefore a visual production with an erotic character. It is generally an anime or a manga characterized by excessive nudity and visible sexual intercourse. The work can have a perverse character or not.

A Hentai game is therefore an entertainment exclusively oriented towards sex. In other words, it is a pornographic game for adults. It generally uses the universe and codes of manga. The entertaining and very erotic side of this type of game is what makes it interesting. Hentai games are very popular since a few years. They are found in large numbers on the Internet.

How to recognize a good Hentai game?

To recognize a good Hentai game, there are specific criteria that must be observed.

The quality of the scenario

The script is the first criterion to distinguish a good Hentai game. Obviously, all Hentai games are pornographic. But what makes one more interesting than the other is first of all the scenario. Entertainment is more fun when there is a goal or a story. Thus, the player will be able to advance his character in a plot, an adventure full of twists and turns. This one can be both very gripping and equally exciting. When the scenario is well done, it favors a total immersion of the player and makes the game more enjoyable.

The quality of the graphics and animations

The design and the fluidity of the animations are also two main criteria of a good Hentai game. In general, the quality of the graphics varies from one game to another. That said, explicit graphics and exciting girls are bound to make you want to play and replay. Moreover, when the animations are well done and uncensored, the gaming experience is even hotter. The level of interactivity is more fun and the player will really enjoy it.

The quality of the music and sound effects

These last two elements are real pleasures for this type of game. The music and sound effects that accompany each action (especially the sex scenes) make the entertainment more immersive. That said, they are unfortunately the weak point of most porn games. The best ones, however, put special emphasis on these elements.

Are there any free Hentai games?

Usually, adult video games are not free. Access to most of them often requires registration and a credit card number. However, there are some that are free and require no registration. The majority of Hentai games fall into the latter category. In fact, the best of them are free to play and freemium. So you can play them for free without registration and without credit card.

Nevertheless, free hentai games do not give you access to all the entertainment features. You will have to register and buy resources if you want to enjoy all the benefits of the game. Indeed, when you invest in the game, you have among others:

  • the possibility to save your game;
  • to go faster in the game;
  • and acquire superpowers.

In addition, you can also go to the game store to buy skins and other special items. Obviously, the registration step precedes all these steps. However, it is still easy and takes no more than 2 minutes. All you have to do is enter your email address and your nickname. Then you have to confirm that you are of age and that’s it!

Can we play these sex games on mobile and PC?

Most of the online hentai games are no download and accessible directly from a web browser. They are then playable on a computer or a smartphone. The latter can be an Android phone or an iPhone under iOS. All sex games are compatible with any operating system. Therefore, you can play a hentai sex game on your PC or mobile. All you need is an internet connection. Moreover, access is possible for most countries without VPN.

That said, it should be noted that a computer screen is much more comfortable to enjoy the game fully. In other words, playing games on a PC is more enjoyable. The screen of a cell phone does not allow for true immersion. On the other hand, the display of a computer favors a good grip of the gameplay. In addition, playing using a keyboard and mouse is much easier and more comfortable. However, preferences vary from player to player. If you feel comfortable on your mobile, don’t limit yourself to playing only on your computer.

Regardless of the medium, hentai games will immerse you in total sex. The experience of these entertainments is addictive. Once you have registered, the desire to play and replay is always stronger and many of these video games are very addictive.

Hentai games, a paradise for manga and anime fans

Hentai games are a real paradise for Japanese culture lovers. If you are a manga and anime lover looking for hard fucking and sex, you must try them, especially Hentai Heroes or Gay Harem. You can also go to platforms like Erogames or Nutaku which have many sex games. You will surely enjoy the experience offered by these adult entertainments. These games give you the opportunity to do all the dirty things you can imagine.

Our site lists the top Hentai games for your enjoyment. All you have to do is to choose one of them. Moreover, most of them are available in English. So don’t hesitate to play online to realize all your wildest fantasies!