The Hentai 3D Project QT game

Sex games are very popular among players who want to fulfill their various fantasies. If you love playing battle games with sexual scenes, Project QT is the game for you. Find out everything you need to know about this 3D hentai game in this article.

Presentation of the scenario

Project QT presents the story of an earth on which an alien virus has spread. This virus has given birth to enigmatic naked monsters that walk the streets of the world to infect the earth. It’s up to you to find prostitutes for the battle, because these monsters are also there to satisfy their sexual cravings. Only you can save humanity. So you have to find ways to fight these monsters released by the space virus and who want to lead humanity to its extinction.

To win this erotic battle, you will use female prostitutes with endless sexual fantasies. These are hot and sexy women called “summons”.

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Graphics, animations and sound effects

The hentai game Project QT is a game with excellent graphics and sound qualities. Indeed, while playing this entertainment, you will only hear the sound of the battle you are leading as well as the erotic moans. That said, during your battles, you will be confronted with the sounds of :

  • explosions;
  • of blows ;
  • slashing;
  • chainsaw creaking.

All in all, the sound is always magical and extraordinary. As far as the music in the game is concerned, it doesn’t get any hotter. You will hear pleasant music and entertaining songs.

As for the graphic quality of the game, note that it is also excellent. The erotic fighting girls are used in chibi version. You should know that this game has a visual quality that allows you to easily distinguish the characters.

How to play Project QT?

To play the game, you just have to register. As it is a hentai game with no download, you don’t have to install anything.

However, you will have to register. After you register, there will be a free trial. Then you will have to solve the puzzle of the game Project QT. You will see pussies full of big dicks. These pretty girls do everything to make you masturbate and cum as fast as possible.

Is the Hentai game Project QT free?

Hentai video games like Project QT are completely free. They are freemium games that you can access right after you register. However, to reach higher levels and see videos of hot girls with their breasts moving, you need to invest in the game. This way, you will be able to progress in the game and unlock more 3-dimensional sex scenes.

Advantages and disadvantages of Project QT

Project QT is a complete Hentai game with very erotic sex scenes. Moreover, you have the possibility to create your own harem and manage it as you wish. It is often used to educate teenagers about sexuality.

However, it is a sex game that is not suitable for children. Also, if you want to unlock all the women in the game, you need to get your bank card out.

Our opinion on the game Hentai Project QT

Project QT is an animated sex game that features very sexy characters with big boobs. This game has a free version and allows you to have a good time while enjoying very naughty scenes. You can play it on PC and on mobile. Don’t hesitate to try it to make your opinion.