The Hentai Comix Harem game

For fans of porn, manga and video games, hentais are very popular. One of the best hentai games is Comix Harem. Whether it is the graphics or the scenarios, everything is set up to give you pleasure. Discover more details about this game.

Presentation of the scenario

The hentai game Comix Harem is designed to take you into the universe of comics and superheroes in a particularly hot way. It is presented in the form of a multiplayer RPG. It is the ideal type of game if you want to get sexually excited quickly. Indeed, you will find an alternation between confrontations with bad guys, missions to accomplish and hot sex scenes. You find yourself in the shoes of a superhero named Wildman who has an extraordinary sex. His particularity is that he transmits powers with his sperm.

The goal of the game is to build your own harem filled with very hot superheroines (inspired by Marvel comics girls). This harem represents a kind of military base for superheroes so that Wildman can build an army and fight his opponents. Speaking of fights, they are of course sexual, with really exciting positions.

For the recruitment of girls, the player you play goes around the city completing certain missions in which he has to save girls. He also has to transmit his power to them with his sex. The more women you have sex with, the more likely you are to strengthen your team and win.

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Graphics, animation and sound effect

Comix Harem hasvery good quality images and graphics. These are inspired by comic books. The characters you meet are very sexy and the scenario is very well thought. Concerning its soundtrack, it is rather monotonous and not very original. The music is repetitive.

How to play Comix Harem?

If you want to play this game, you just have to register and try it for free. With the multiplayer option, you have the possibility to play against other players online for more excitement.

Is Comix Harem free to play?

Comix Harem belongs to the category of free-to-play games. This means that it is completely free. However, if you want to progress quickly, you can invest money in it.

Advantages and disadvantages of Comix Harem

The henta game Comix Harem has some advantages, but also some disadvantages that should be pointed out.

The advantages

Among the many advantages of the Comix Harem game, it is worth mentioning the high quality of the images and graphics. You will notice right away the remarkable work done by the developers in order to offer an excellent game experience. The other notable advantage of this game is its ease of access. You can play it both on PC and on mobile. All you need is a good internet connection. Moreover, you will find enough quests and missions to keep you motivated. Besides, the developers frequently release nice updates.

The disadvantages

The major drawback with this game is its monotonous and unoriginal soundtrack. Indeed, the repetitive music tends to prevent you from getting completely into the game and enjoying it to the fullest. However, there is another flaw which is the precision of the graphics. It is certainly of very good quality and the sex scenes are exciting. However, you will notice from time to time a lack of realism in the drawings.

Our opinion on the hentai game Comix Harem

The hentai game Comix Harem is on the whole interesting, but also very exciting. That’s why it belongs to the best hentai video games. Apart from small flaws that can be quickly corrected, it allows you to have fun while playing. What are you waiting for to try it for free?