The Hentai Cunt Wars card game

Sign up for the hentai game Cunt Wars to discover the surprises that this online card game has in store for you. To get a taste of this game before you get started, read this article that tells you enough about it.

Presentation of the scenario

Cunt Wars is a hentai game offered by a publisher specialized in adult games. The main objective of this entertainment is to bring together essentially three aspects to allow fans to have fun. That’s why it brings together card game fans, those who like to fuck sexy girls and those who love war games.

The aim of the game is very simple and easy to understand. You will have a pack of cards that represent very beautiful and hot warriors. During the war games, your main objective will be to analyze in order to choose the warrior who will win the battle.

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Graphics, animations and sound effects

In Cunt Wars, you will be treated to excellent graphics. When designing the characters, the designer had to think hard to come up with something very impressive. The warriors are lively and animated. Regarding the quality of the visuals, this online hentai game offers the best versions with a very good quality. You test the game and see for yourself.

With well worked erotic characters, it is sure that you will get a taste of it, once you start. You will enjoy sex scenes at the end, and even during the fights. The sound is even better than the images. Also, the sounds are not repetitive in this game. This offers a better experience to the user.

How to play Cunt Wars?

To play the hentai game Cunt Wars, the procedure is very simple. For each battle, you will receive a deck of cards that you will arrange according to your strategy. For each game, you have to think carefully to draw the girl who will participate in the fight. Two strategies can be used to win.

The first one, called “Early Game”, consists in attacking directly with your best cards. This is the so-called aggressive method. During these games, you must use the piercing effects which will help you a lot.

After this first method, you have the “Late Game” which proposes to evolve in a progressive way. In other words, you store energy to be able to attack your opponent each time you evolve. You can already register to try the game. The more you win, the more you will have the chance to get a lot of hotter warriors.

Is the game Cunt Wars free?

Yes, it is possible to play this game for free. The games that the hentai collection offers are free-to-play or freemium. So you can play without investing and progress thanks to the points and bonuses you get.

On the other hand, you can also invest money in order to progress quickly andhave more attractive and exciting fighters.

Advantages and disadvantages of Cunt Wars

War games usually don’t have more innovative ideas apart from the combat effects.

However, Cunt Wars is out of the ordinary and combines the entertainment of cards, war and sex. Behind this game, there is a surprising story with very sexy warriors. The player is the master of his game and runs it by himself.

Speaking of drawbacks. There are two main limitations. The game is logically forbidden to minors and the gameplay lacks dialogues.

Our opinion on the game Hentai Cunt Wars

This is a gameplay that allows you to enjoy, for a good few hours, its sexy characters. You will enjoy all the pleasure you are looking for in porn games through Cunt Wars, free of charge without paying a single cent.

Already, you can go and register to enjoy this little wonder. You have nothing to lose by trying this erotic game with very hot graphics.