Gay Harem : the best gay Hentai game

Gay Harem is without doubt one of the best gay porn games. It allows you to realize your wildest fantasies and many sexual adventures where anilingus, fellatio and partouzes are mixed. Very playful and true, libido booster, you surely want to learn more about this yaoi entertainment. Here are the essentials to remember in this guide.

Presentation of the scenario

The story of Gay Harem begins in a building with two horny men. The first one, who is a bit older and has blond hair, asks a young man with his penis in the air to catch him if he wants to sleep with him. The chase begins and the youngest, who is in fact the physical player, ends up in a kingdom made up of several harems of boys with different morphologies who are in the middle of an orgy. In the next part of the adventure, the physical player has to go through several cities in order to recruit people and build his own harem.

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Graphics, animations and sound effects

In this gay hentai game, the characters are very well drawn. The facial lines are clear and the silhouette of the protagonists is rich and diverse. You will find blonds, redheads, brunettes and many others. The sex scenes are well thought out so as to give you big erections. There is no censorship and you will see the moments of pleasure.

The game has background music to accompany every action of the characters. The only small drawback is the lack of animation of the individuals who do not move. Instead, the editor accompanies each gesture with a small text at the bottom. To access the next scene, you must click on the “next” button.

How to play Gay Harem?

The first step to play this gay hentai sex game is to register on the platform. Fill in your email address, a password and a nickname then validate. Confirm your account by checking your email. You must then participate in several adventures. To recruit men in your harem, you must sleep with them, let them give you a blowjob or give them anilingus.

It takes energy and money to perform all these actions and you can draw on your virtual reserve. Note that the better your sexual performance, the more men will accept to join your harem. Follow the instructions and participate in different challenges.

Is the Gay Harem game free?

This hentai game is free. It is a freemium. It is therefore possible to play it for free from the browsers of your PC, your mobile, or even from your tablet. After registering, you already have a well-stocked account that will allow you to perform the tasks. Play Pachinko (lottery game) to replenish your virtual finances.

However, if you want to make faster progress, you need to invest real money. This allows you to fill your harem with powerful boys faster and give them experience. However, this is still an option and you don’t have to.

Advantages and disadvantages of Gay Harem

One of the positive aspects of this game is that it is free. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular with the LGBTQ community. The aesthetics of the illustrations and the development of sexual scenes that will make you want to masturbate are also worth mentioning.

You will discover several types of guys and a wide range of features. You have the possibility to modify your avatar. The only drawbacks are the monotony of the background music and the lack of movement like in real porn. You also don’t have the possibility to make decisions like in the case of an interactive game.

Our opinion on the game Hentai

This free gay hentai game is a very good entertainment that is highly recommended. It will contribute to your sexual fulfillment, because you can fulfill all your desires. You don’t need to download anything to take part in it. What are you waiting for to start the adventure?