The uncensored Hentai game FAP CEO

Released in September 2018 on the Nutaku platform, FAP CEO is a hentai porn game that mixes entertainment and fun. Fun and very exciting, it was designed by BoomBox Games and is available in four languages: French, English, German and Spanish. Discover in this file a detailed presentation of FAP CEO, one of the best hentai games on the market.

Presentation of the scenario

In FAP CEO, you play the role of a company director in charge of developing an online video chat studio. For the good development of the company, you have to recruit sexy ladies who will be able to attract and keep as many customers as possible.

As a CEO, your mission is to take care of your girls, seduce them and especially spoil them so that they feel comfortable in the company. Of course, if they like you a lot, you will have to take advantage of it! FAP CEO is one of the best sex games on the market. The story oscillates between management software, naughty pickup game and pure hentai game!

Moreover, the more your relationships grow, the more you unlock uncensored hentai content. Your beautiful employees are ready to do anything to make the business flourish and your male assets will not leave them indifferent. It all starts with beautiful and kinky pictures before evolving into purely erotic sex scenes.

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Graphics, animations and sound effects

Nutaku ‘s FAP CEO game doesn’t shy away from details. The graphics of the game are very explicit and the sex scenes are quite daring. Soft or hard hentai? In FAP CEO, you have something for everyone. Indulge yourself with employees with incredible sex appeal and lewd assets!

Moreover, the animation scenes of the game are well done and very neat. The colors used are attractive and give a fun and captivating aspect to the game. In addition to the visual quality, the sound effects of the game are well worked for a total immersion and crazy exciting.

How to play FAP CEO?

If you want to have exciting adventures in FAP CEO, go to the official website to start a game. Before you dive into the universe of this 2D hentai game, a registration is necessary. If you don’t have an account yet, you must create one.

Once the account is created, you can launch your first game. Of course, you must be of age and authorized to access adult content in your country. As long as your operating system is not too old, the game will run smoothly on your browser (on PC and even on mobile).

Is FAP CEO free to play?

FAP CEO is a free-to-play game. So you can play it for free. It is also possible toinvest in the game to grow faster. However, although it is not limited by missing features, the free hentai game FAP CEO has a timer for each game. So be sure to use the time allowed.

Advantages and disadvantages of FAP CEO

Playing FAP CEO means entering an ultra exciting universe. Here are the advantages of the game:

  • good visual quality and exciting erotic atmosphere ;
  • good mix between management and hentai game;
  • 100% free game;
  • fluid, ergonomic and addictive game.

As weak points of the game, it should be noted that the sexy sound effects can become repetitive. The hentai scenes are too detailed and can also shock the most prudes.

Our opinion on the game Hentai FAP CEO

FAP CEO is a hentai game that captures the attention of the player from the first minutes. The graphic quality is such that the game takes a very exciting realistic aspect. This realistic side is moreover reinforced by the exchanges with the camgirls.

Even if the main objective of the game is to have sex with the girls under your command, FAP CEO has not neglected the business aspect. So the game is a success in every way. So, are you ready to lead sexy and kinky girls? Ready to play a hentai game? Then go and visit the universe of FAP CEO.